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2024 CSF Bhangra Registration

1. All Participants must be 5 years or older

2. Approximate Dues per participant 

-- coaches fee's - $240

-- Studie Rental - $50 to $55

-- Costumes - $100 to $150 

3. All participants & family members who plan to attend the performance must be registered for CSF annual Diwali Dinner Gala (cost $75 for kids (5-17years) and $125 for adults, kids under 5 are free). please use link for upcoming events on the website to pay for the 2024 annual Diwali function gala. ) 

4. All team Assignments will be done after consulting with coaches, group moms & the Cultural team. If you have a special request (i.e. coach, team, teammates etc) please include above in special requests. We will not entertain any team change requests after team assignments are completed and after kids have attended their first class. Coaches will evaluate kids at their first practice and they may promote the kids to another group based on their age and skill set.

5. if a participant drops out after 1st practice, we will prorate coach's and studio rental fees. 

6. if a participant drops after the 2nd practice NO REFUND will be given for the coach's and studio fee's. 


7. All transactions will be made this year via PayPal/Venmo/Zelle, depends on

preference of the group mom. 


Important Dates


1. Returning & New Participants Registration - May 25th to June 30th


2. Final Team Assignment - July 15th


3. Coach’s Fees, Studio Rentals & costume Fees - Last Due Date - July 15th - July 31st 


4. First Day of Bhangra Practice - mid August 2024


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